Sunday, 26 September 2010


I always wake up very late on weekend. I like weekend but don’t like in same time.Even though I always play game online, log in on Facebook and listen music all of day but it very boring. I need to talk, go out with friends. But this weekend is not boring. I will go to my old school meet teacher and shopping with my high school friends that was fun. I miss them so much it hardly ever meeting when we are graduation. After back home I feel boring again. Because my brother uses computer, nothing to do if I can’t use computer I need to do my homework to hell with it! Let’s sleep.

''My Teacher and my friends''

Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is traveling in around Japan. I think this country is interesting.First place in my plan is “Asakusa Temple” The Asakusa Temple is the most famous old temple. I will pray and buy a charm.and move to another provice to visit the ancient castle and etc. in Japan. The important thing everyone who comes to Japan needs to try original Japanese food, seeing the nature while On sen (bath in Hot springs) and take a photo with Sakura trees.

Asakusa Temple

Cherry Blossom