Sunday, 3 October 2010


Cinquain Pattern #1.
Study hard
Speaking, reading, writing
Passion,Creative, Kind, Delight
Cinquain Pattern #2.
Bad, Risky
Cheating, Gambling, Gaining
Continues or Give up
Cinquain Pattern #3.
Every book
Make reader happiness
The exciting never endless
Let's Read

Short Story

In the raining day, on the side walk was crowded of people. A girl has a long blonde hair. Her name’s Jessica. She was running hurry to her apartment during the rain. While her waiting a lift. She saw a strange man looking nervous and hurry go out from apartment.

When Jessica was open the door. She felt stunned and freeze. On her sight Jessica saw bloody way. Suddenly her sight stopped at the dead body. “Justin!! No!!” she screamed. She shook her brother but he slept. Slept without breathe forever. Jessica cried beside her brother. She thought that man was killing my brother. She dropped Justin lied down slow and softly and opened the desk took the gun.

Jessica ran quickly to lift and go down on main floor. While the lift opened she saw a strange man, who met before. Jessica lifts her gun up. “Bang” one shot was loud. Jessica was shooting at her leg. She fell down and caught her leg. “You, you kill my brother!!” she scream out. The strange man pointed the gun to Jessica head and shoot. “AAHHHHH” She screamed. Jessica woke up her face was pale and sweat. She ran to Justin room and hope he was safe. Justin opened the door. He saw her sister face was pale. “Jess what happened?” Justin said. “I’m OK.” Jessica said and went back to her room. Justin was confused and closed the door. Jessica sat on bed look around her room and laughs. “Why I read this book before I sleep?” she asks herself. She threw the book to corner. That book is name “Nightmare and Darkness”.

My Interest

I’m gamer, then my interest about the games! I always play the games all of time. But I do my homework before I play. Games have good and bad things. Good things is improves my typing skill and language. Now I can type around 40-45 words / minutes. And bad things I always sleep very very late and wake up late. I play for relax.I love music game.I can play and listen music in the same time. Sometimes i feel bad, I will kill another player in the game but in the real world I can’t do it. Some Criminal was happened by gamer. I feel bad because of games make people fun and relax.

The Games are good or bad depend on player.

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